Ramps & Staircases 

At Vantage Event & Media Structures, bespoke might as well be our middle name. We know that your event and your event visitors will present a broad range of access requirements. With this in mind, we can offer you a bespoke access package – a variety of event access options and a range of temporary scaffold ramps and stairs, including disabled access ramps.

Our temporary ramps and staircases offer a complete access solution for all events, with variety of different surface options, including anti-slip membrane surfaces, carpeting and hoarding.

Scaffold Staircases “We acknowledge that your event will have specific needs”
Public Access Scaffolding

Public Access System

Ideal For:

  • Front of house
  • Public access
  • Fire escapes
  • Site building
  • Access to

System scaffold staircases are a great access solution for a multitude of tasks. Their versatile nature means that they can be used in most situations and range from 1.5m to 3m in width. Adding a painted ply board facia will improve aesthetics, resulting in a high quality and clean cut product which can have graphics applied or be painted in your company colours.

Tube and Fitting Scaffold Stairs

Tube & Fitting Ramps & Stairs

Ideal For:

  • Back of house
  • Temporary stairs
    for residential builds
  • Fire escapes
  • Small walkways
  • Bridge access

For a robust and extremely versatile access solution, look no further than our tube and fitting ramps and staircases. Each panel is fitted individually, which means a ramp or staircase of any size is easily achievable, resulting in endless access possibilities.

Scaffolding Integral Staircases

Integral Staircase

Ideal For:

  • Access to scaffold
  • Confined spaces
  • Quick builds
  • Fire escapes
  • Front & back
    of house

Integral staircases are a cost effective, space saving solution. The staircase is constructed within the tower itself, resulting in a smaller structure, saving space, time and cost. Coupling the staircase with a high density netted screening will allow the structure to blend in to the landscape seamlessly; ideal for keeping a low profile.

Bespoke Scaffold Staircases

Bespoke Ramps & Staircases

Ideal For:

  • Front of house
  • Integrating with
  • Stages
  • Public access
  • Site entrances
  • Hospitality access
  • Making your project
    stand out

Special projects need special structures - which is why we offer our customers a tailor-made solution to suit their individual needs. Simply put, there is no end of possibilities when choosing our bespoke ramps and staircases.

Add painted cladding and carpet to suit your company livery, adding a touch of class to the structure, making it stand out from the crowd.